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Bathroom Remodel in Towson

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Bathroom Remodeling in Towson

We Remodel Bathrooms according  to your  unique goals and vision.

Bathrooms are often the place where people unwind and relax after a long day. To ensure that this space is always comfortable and inviting, it’s essential to maintain and upgrade it regularly. By updating fixtures, replacing old tiles and adding a fresh coat of paint, you can make your bathroom look and feel like new. Plus, remodeling can also improve the safety and accessibility of the space, making it safer for all users. With the right design, you can create a functional, safe and beautiful bathroom for you to enjoy.

The bathroom is also one of the most looked-at rooms in a home for potential buyers, along with the kitchen. An upgraded restroom can add significant value to a property, as buyers appreciate the convenience of having a well-maintained space. A newly-installed vanity and polished fixtures can give a bathroom a fresh, contemporary look. Additionally, energy-efficient upgrades, such as low-flow toilets and shower heads, can help to reduce water and energy costs. By remodeling a bathroom, homeowners transform the space into a desirable asset.

Why Partner With Pro Handyman?

Pro Handyman has you covered if you are looking for bathroom remodeling contractors. Quality services at affordable prices are what our valued customers have come to expect from us. Our family-owned company gets the job done right the first time.

We can help with the following:

  • Sinks and counters installation

  • Bathtub installation

  • Jacuzzi tub installation

  • Shower installation

  • Plumbing

  • Flooring

  • Lighting

Contact us today for a free estimate. We are happy to come to you and provide specific details on how our bathroom remodeling company can help act.

How Your Ideal Bathroom Comes To Life

Our Team Walks You Through the Seamless Process of Creating Your Dream Space

Here at Pro Handyman, you are entirely in charge of your renovation project. We will breathe life into your bathroom remodeling ideas, no matter how small or large they are. The following are what you can expect from our bathroom contractors:


Thorough Analysis

Before starting the project, we conduct an initial consultation with each client, where you tell us about your plans and ideas. This consultation allows us to create a design that is faithful to your vision, and we can also advise on which materials and services are suitable for your needs. Pro Handyman is always ready to assist whether you need minor upgrades, a simple bathroom shower remodeling, or complete bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovations.

Comprehensive Procedures

Our bathroom remodeling contractors will guide you in making the right choice for your home. Every bathroom is unique, which is why we tailor our solutions to the project’s requirements. Each aspect of your renovation, from tile color to room layout, is handled with the utmost care. Our meticulous attention to your project ensures that you are 100 percent satisfied with the outcome. In addition, you can always count on us to keep you in the loop in every stage of the renovation process. As a result, you won’t have to do any guessing when you partner with us.

Post Job Cleanup

We do an extensive cleanup after every job, so you won’t see any remnants of renovation after we are done. All that is left for you to do is enjoy your new bathroom and revel in its upgraded beauty. When you employ the services of Pro Handyman, you can rest easy knowing that a reputable company is handling your bathroom remodeling in Towson. So, It’s time to stop searching for the “top bathroom remodeling near me” and give Pro Handyman a call. We are more than happy to handle your bathroom shower remodeling project.

The Advantages To Our Bathroom Renovations in Towson, MD

Our Industry Experience and Attention to Detail Is Unmatched. Whether you need to do upgrades or a complete kitchen renovation, Pro Handyman is a trusted partner that turns your vision into reality. Here are the things you can expect from us when you choose to partner with our kitchen remodeling contractors:

Free Estimates

Are you planning to take on a bathroom renovation project? Then take advantage of Pro Handyman’s FREE estimate. This will give you an idea of how much you will be spending, which can assist you in the decisions you need to make next. If you are concerned about high prices, our team will provide cost-effective recommendations to help you stay within your budget.

Qualified Technicians

All Pro Handyman’s technicians are licensed, insured and bonded. This means you are free from liability if anything happens to our handymen during a job at your home. In addition, we provide all the necessary documentation required for performing the services as needed. When you partner with Pro Handyman, you only get stellar workmanship from qualified professionals.

Minimal Disruption

Any bathroom shower remodeling brings a certain amount of disruption to your life. However, with us at Pro Handyman, extra steps will be taken to ensure that your household is not overly disturbed while working on creating the perfect bathroom for you and your family. 

Other Services

Aside from bathroom remodeling in Towson, Pro Handyman also offers the following interior renovation services:

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen renovation can accommodate a growing family, increase storage space and be customized to suit your required functionality. Pro Handyman is more than a bathroom remodeling company; we can also improve any part of your house. With our kitchen remodeling service, you can significantly boost the look and feel of your home. Cooking will be a breeze with your kitchen’s upgraded functionality, and impressing your guests will be as easy as breathing. We can do countertop, cabinet and island installations, as well as appliance assembly, lighting and plumbing.

Window Installation in Maryland

Interior Painting

Interior paint can completely transform the look and feel of any space. With the right color, texture and finish, a new interior paint job can create a visually-pleasing effect, making a room look larger, brighter and more inviting. However, it is crucial to hire experienced professionals to ensure the job is done correctly. Our painters understand the nuances of painting, such as choosing the right paint and primer, applying coats evenly and avoiding drips or splatters to minimize after-work cleanup. With Pro Handyman, you can be sure your space will be transformed to your unique preferences.

Recessed Lighting Project in Baltimore


Flooring can dramatically impact the look and feel of a space. Our professional flooring installation can make your room appear more spacious and interesting. It can even increase the value of your home. Our team has the knowledge and skills to properly install different types of flooring, such as hardwood, laminate, tile and carpet. In addition, we can help you choose the right kind of flooring that best suits your space. With the right tiling, you can ensure your floor is resistant to scratches, moisture and fire. Working with the Pro Handyman team ensures that your flooring will look appealing and last for years to come.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Pro Handyman is wonderful. I am selling my house and needed a few things done very quickly, and Zufar came to the rescue, even coming on July 4th to complete the job. I wish everyone I hired was as efficient and capable as Zufar. Thank you so much and will definitely recommend.

Michelle Spear

We’ve used Pro Handyman several times in the past and they always do a terrific job. Very courteous and efficient, arrive when they say they will, clean up impeccably afterwards and are reasonably priced. I will definitely continue to use them for all my handyman projects around the house.

Nancy O

Excellent professional service. From prompt communication and free estimates to seamless installation, my project of complicated window replacement became a success – thanks to Zufar and his great team.


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